Vimmi Solutions

Achieve maximum loyalty, trust and new revenue streams through an e-commerce platform for direct interactions on live, personalized and entertaining video events.

Video-based E-commerce

End-to-end uninterrupted purchasing journey from discovery through to checkout and order fulfillment on your fully-owed e-commerce sites and apps. Boost engagement, predict churn and target campaigns with advanced data analytics capabilities |

Video-based Marketplace

Digitally ambitious enterprises efficiently engage with their partners and customers on their marketplaces, using video-based content such as tutorials for their high technological complexity- and generate new revenue streams by inviting their third-party sellers to sell directly to end customers |

Ecommerce with best selling products

E-Commerce with Best-Selling Products: The Ultimate Solution for Your Business One-of-a-kind ecosystem includes an e-commerce platform, a growing inventory of best-selling products you can brand, billing and shipping management, as well as ongoing support, giving you everything you need to start, run, and grow your business in the easiest way possible. |

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