Online Video Platform

The Vimmi Video Platform is a scalable and comprehensive OTT solution that can be tailored to meet clients’ specific needs. The Vimmi Video Platform includes the following solutions:

Content Preparation

The content preparation solution is a process of encoding, editing and packaging video content in the cloud to be distributed on a video platform. It includes:

  • Video encoding, editing and packaging in the cloud.
  • Metadata creation and tracking.
  • Ad insertion using Vimmi’s ad server or third party ad servers.
  • Digital rights management (DRM) integration.

Content Monetization

The content monetization solution is a step-by-step process of converting content into revenue. The solution support several different ways to monetize your content, including:

Advertising – AVOD solution, including pre-roll, mid-roll and overlay ads. Vimmi’s advertising solution supports all major digital advertising formats, including VAST and VPAID.

Subscription – Including SVOD (subscription video on demand), TVOD (transactional video on demand), PPV (pay per view), freemium, DTO (download to own), and DTR (download to rent).

Applications for any device

We support an extensive list of video applications for iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices, CTV (LG, Samsung), web, mobile web, Chromecast, Apple TV and Android TV. Additionally, we provide our HTML5 player to be embedded on any website or application.

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