Content Delivery Network

CDN – Vimmi Patented Technology

Private CDN

With our private CDN solution, operators and leading content providers can use their own bandwidth and standard servers (as specified by Vimmi) and build their CDN using Vimmi software license and our 24×7 operational services. The cornerstone of our architecture is our ‘CDN-in-a-box’ which includes variety of CDN capabilities in one server (Origin, caching, streaming, video service routing and management) and can be deployed very fast in remote network locations (edge) to eliminate peering and congestion problems and reduce overall cost of bandwidth and servers. Vimmi open-platform CDN software integrates easily with existing network infrastructure via APIs. Our proprietary software and extensive knowledge enable service providers to anticipate and satisfy their customers’ emerging needs in the rapidly evolving video delivery field.

Low latency CDN

As the popularity of real-time live content, such as sport, reality voting and betting, is sky-rocking, and as the network’s infrastructure, capacity and quality are constantly improving, the common chunked HTTP protocols have become insufficient and the need for low latency streaming solutions has become a necessity. We’re revolutionizing the live streaming industry with our proprietary technology that delivers content at speeds 10 times faster than traditional HTTP-based solutions.

Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC)

Mobile networks are becoming video networks. With video playing the leading role in terms of traffic and subscriber volumes, mobile operators need a scalable solution to deliver high-quality, immersive video experiences. MEC enables the deployment of a powerful video delivery infrastructure for mobile networks by deploying video services at the radio edge, in close proximity to mobile users. Vimmi’s MEC solution allows for distributed network of many edge PoPs (Points of Presence) on eNode-B’s (eNB) for mobile networks – not needing to compromise and be limited to deploying few large server farms while, offloading traffic over the backbone internet cellular networks and providing reduced load on PoPs and network connections, altogether supporting superb network efficiencies and content delivery performance. If you are interested in scheduling a call to discuss this further, please click here:

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