Analytics and Marketing

Performance analytics

The InSight Analytics platform is a powerful and intelligent set of tools for creating interactive dashboards that enable content owners and operators to extract, analyze and utilize information about their CDN performance and behavior of the consumers in their platforms, including user, subscriptions, media consumption, application interactions. The system provides all information needed to optimize resource utilization, traffic patterns and account policies. Various stakeholders can customize their dashboards to suit their individual needs and interests, as well as set up alerts for critical events or issues.

Marketing campaigns

The Engage platform is a campaign management solution that includes several steps, each of which engages the audience in order to accomplish a goal. Ultimately, your purpose in running a campaign is to convince consumers to engage more closely with the platform, spend more time using it, acquire content; and, when the time comes for renewal, to extend subscription (strengthen retention) instead of leaving the network (avoid churn).

When designing a campaign, the engagement manager has the option to consider: 

  • The tailored audience to target 
  • Communication channel(s) (Push, Inbox, E-mail, In-App)
  • Messaging Type – Deliver Text, Image, Audio, Video Rich Content and then Deep-link into the app for optimal campaign effectiveness.
  • Frequency and Timing – Campaigns can be run as one-off events, or alternatively on a scheduled basis. For instance, a campaign could run daily with the aim of engaging users that have not consumed content in the last 7 days.
  • Decision Tree – A process flow determining further actions to take once the first communication has occurred. Any number of steps, as well as follow-on steps, can be configured, based on the user’s engagement with the previous messages.

Content Recommendation

Vimmi’s recommendation platform uses artificial intelligence to recommend the most relevant content for a specific segment. Recommendations are made according to three main categories:

  • Most Trended – the most popular movies, series and programs that attract the greatest number of viewers, consumers or purchasers.
  • Promoted Content/Editor’s Choice – content items that are marked manually by the service editor as promoted content.
  • Profile Based – content items that are promoted to specific groups with similar consumption patterns.

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