About Us

Vimmi empowers wannabe e-commerce players and online brands to offer a uniquely trusted, uninterrupted and engaging video-based e-commerce experiences across the entire purchasing journey, from discovery to delivery.
With Vimmi e-commerce Platform as-a-service (EPaaS), customers are able to launch future proof video-based e-commerce platforms and marketplaces for immersive e-commerce experiences with deeper customer interactions, 10x higher conversion rates and in-depth data-driven user insights, to reach new markets and create buzz for your brand.
With a massive scale of millions of daily global users on Vimmi EPaaS, customers confidently plan and implement their Video-Led Growth strategy using the technology and services provided by the Vimmi team of video experts and innovators.

Management Team

Eitan Koter


CEO of RaySat India, President of Scopus Video Networks, publicly owned (NASDAQ) company acquired by Harmonic Inc. in 2009.

Amnon Sherf


Founded and managed several successful high-tech companies including Atlantium (UV water purification), CEO of Vimatix, a multimedia messaging solution for cellular, COO of Electric Fuel.

Max Mashnitsky

PhD. Mathematics, Msc. Computer Sciences, 20 years VP R&D experience. Author of 10 scientific papers.

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